Yes left you wanting to revisit its seminal 2004 predecessor, now you can in VR. On Friday, a group of fans known as the Source VR Mod Team released Half-Life 2: Virtual Reality Mode. As long as you have the original, you can download and play the mod for free .

While it is currently in public beta, the mod allows you to play half life 2 Single player story from start to finish. The Source VR Mod team integrated a handful of features found in Half Life: Alyx to modernize the experience and make it playable in virtual reality. For example, you switch weapons using the same selection grid found in Valve’s 2020 game.

Other VR-oriented tweaks include the addition of optional laser sights, over-the-shoulder ammo storage, manual reloading, and two-handed weapon handling. There’s even support for room-scale movement. The Source VR Mod team says that the project but that hasn’t stopped people from enjoying the experience as the mod currently has an overwhelmingly positive rating on 732 reviews.

I like it before that, Half-Life 2: Virtual Reality Mode It has taken a long time to arrive. What the project was first announced in 2017 and went through development hell before resurfacing in 2021. The fact that you can play it today is thanks to a recent influx of new team members who “reinvigorated” development.

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