The entire iPhone 15 lineup will reportedly include the . In a tweet seen by screen analyst Ross Young expect Apple to make screen cutout standard on all 2023 iPhones. Additionally, the company is reportedly keeping its ProMotion 120Hz display technology exclusive to Pro variants due to a supply chain that “can’t support” the feature. in more affordable models. Young said Apple is more likely to pass on the technology to less expensive iPhones in 2024.

Making Dynamic Island standard on every new iPhone would make a lot of sense for Apple, particularly to encourage developers to take advantage of the feature. Clipping is already used by some applications for . Once iOS 16.1 arrives later this year, Dynamic Island will also work with Apple . It’s also a feature that would make the standard iPhone more attractive to consumers who keep their current device. While the was a huge improvement over the , the and have been less exciting. There’s not much reason to buy the latest unless you’re coming off a multi-year iPhone, and that’s not good for Apple’s bottom line.

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