has agreed to buy Cloostermans, a company that makes robots capable of stacking pallets in its warehouses. Amazon says it already uses technology from Belgium-based Cloostermans, which can also package products.

Once the acquisition closes, Cloostermans’ 200 or so employees will join Amazon’s Global Robotics division in Europe and will likely spend their time solely developing technology tailored to Amazon’s needs. “By focusing on Cloostermans’ deep expertise in engineering, machinery and robotics, we will more quickly implement solutions in our workplace that support employees in their roles and improve safety on the job, as well as help reduce packaging waste.” “Amazon said in . The company has previously spoken of its belief in having more robots.

Amazon has been introducing more robots into its warehouses to increase automation. In June, it introduced its first autonomous warehouse robot. The device is capable of moving carts full of packages by itself.

While Amazon has relied more heavily on robots in its distribution centers for several years, the Cloostermans acquisition comes shortly after employees at a Staten Island facility became Amazon’s first warehouse workers in . The company said in 2019 that automation in warehouses for at least a decade.

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