The Blade Runner sequel series that has been widely joked about is real. Variety has confirmed Amazon has ordered the production of blade runner 2099 for Prime Video. Original film director Ridley Scott will serve as executive producer alongside Silka Luisa (aura Y bright girls), who will also be the showrunner. the premise of 2099 it is still unclear beyond its setting 50 years later blade runner 2049but Amazon’s global television head Vernon Sanders claimed that the follow-up would preserve the “intellect, themes, and spirit” of the films.

The cast hasn’t been established at this stage, though it’s doubtful you’ll see familiar names given events in past movies and the show’s timeline. Amazon also hasn’t said when it expects to release the series.

The project could still be one of Amazon’s most ambitious shows to date. The company has been increasing the production values ​​of Prime Video productions in recent years, and that seems to have paid off: the first season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power It reportedly cost $465 million and set a Prime ratings record upon its debut. It wouldn’t be surprising if Amazon would commit to a large (if not necessarily as large) investment for a recognizable franchise like Blade Runner, particularly with Scott involved.

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