It’s one of the last few years. Fans will have another way to enjoy the world of Teyvat at some point, as developer miHoYo has teamed up with animation studio Ufotable to create an anime based on the free-to-play action RPG.

Ufotable has worked on several others. god eater Y Tales of Zestiria the X both are based on Bandai Namco properties, for example. A concept trailer (which was seen by ) offers a glimpse of the art style that Ufotable will employ this time. Unsurprisingly, the studio doesn’t seem to stray too far from the game aspect.

In any case, it is a bit surprising that it took so long for an official Genshin Impact anime announcement The developers were inspired by the anime in the first place and the game seemed poised for an adaptation.

Several other notable games have been made into animated series in recent years. cleave hits Netflix this week, while (which is based on ), became the first streaming animated series earlier this month.

It’s unclear when or where fans will be able to see the Genshin Impact anime. However, since the trailer only shows the concept and refers to the Ufotable collaboration as a long-term project, it could be quite a while before the first season premieres.

the Genshin Impact The reveal of the anime came as miHoYo. in version 3.1 of the game, which will arrive on September 28. The update will expand the new Sumeru region and help continue the main story of the game. It will feature King Deshret’s mausoleum, dungeons, new Archon Quests, more weapons, three playable characters, two new bosses, and more. Meanwhile, miHoYo a permanent card game mode in version 3.3.

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