They may have arrived yesterday, but the developers are already imagining fun and interesting use cases for the new . Drink creator christian selig, for instance. On Friday, it updated its Reddit client to implement support for “Pixel Pals.” The feature adds a creature that does cute things to the top of your phone’s dynamic island while you have Apollo open. You can even choose from various creatures, such as a cat, dog, hedgehog, fox, or salamander.

If you don’t have an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, don’t worry. You can also add the creatures to your phone as lock screen widgets, provided you have installed them. On the subject of iPhone widgets, Google teased one that will work as a shortcut to .

Selig isn’t the only person doing something creative with iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island. In a tweet seen by WaterMinder creator Kriss Smolka bragged hit the island, a game that uses the UI element for a Pong-style game. You can download it from the . I can only speak for myself but these apps make me a little jealous, I still use an iPhone 12.

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