Apple Pay Later may not arrive until next spring, according to by Bloomberg gurman brand. As you may recall, Apple announced the Buy Now, Pay Later feature at WWDC 2022 and said, at the time, that it would be arriving alongside iOS 16. Well, the latest version of the company’s mobile operating system is here, and Apple Pay Later isn’t on Nowhere. to be found.

A footnote on apple website claims the feature will come “in a future update.” As Gurman points out, other previously announced iOS 16 features that aren’t yet available are listed as “later this year.” Gurman believes the discrepancy is due to the fact that Apple doesn’t know when Pay Later will be ready, and the feature may not arrive until iOS 16.4 ships in 2023. The service is causing delays,” he notes.

It is interesting to know that Apple faces technical challenges when implementing a Pay Later service. According to Gurman’s previous report, the company has been working on this feature for more than a year. He even went to great lengths to create a subsidiary called Apple Financing to do credit checks and customer approvals. All of those moves suggest the company sees financial services as an important part of its future.

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