Discord, the social messaging service that helped displace old-school internet forums, now wants to bring them back. Today the company forum channels announced, which are exactly what you’d imagine: a dedicated space to have conversations without the worry of a fast-paced chat feed. You’ll find them just below your regular Discord channels. By creating a forum, you will be able to restrict posting permissions and set guidelines for the conversation. Crucially, they will also support Discord’s AutoMod, which can help clean up discussions. (Moderation was always the bane of a poorly managed forum.)


While it’s nice that the concept is making a comeback, it’s fun to see Discord explaining the concept of forums to younger users. Yes kids, back in the day, we had to furiously refresh web pages to discover the latest answer to our aura knowledge theories. Discord has often been framed as a return to the IRC message blitz, along with real-time voice chat. So it makes sense that he would be responsible for helping us relive the glory days of the forums.

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