DJI has released the mobile osmo 6 gimbal, and it comes with a larger clamp than its predecessors to accommodate larger or smaller phones with bulky cases. It has a new handle designed to be more comfortable to hold, but kept the Osmo Mobile 5’s built-in extension bar that allows you to use it as a selfie stick. The Osmo 6 also features an improved version of DJI’s ActiveTrack, which enables stable tracking for longer distances and allows the phone’s front camera to track subjects that are spinning or turning to the side.

Another new feature is Quick Launch for iPhone. As long as it’s an iPhone attached to the gimbal, the Mimo app instantly enters the camera view when the gimbal is unfolded. DJI says it could dramatically cut setup times and can get the phone ready to take photos three times faster than previous Osmo Mobile models.


The new gimbal has a built-in status panel that lets you quickly check battery levels, as well as a mode button that gives you a way to toggle between modes with every tap. When in Follow mode, the camera view remains locked during turns, but follows the gimbal’s pan and tilt movements. Tilt Lock allows the camera view to follow the pan movements of the gimbal, but remains stable during tit and roll movements. The camera view follows every movement of the gimbal in FPV mode for more dynamic footage, while SpinShot lets you control the camera view by moving the joystick left or right.

Like its predecessor, the Osmo Mobile 6 also has a number of smart features, namely time-lapse, gesture control, auto dynamic zoom, panorama, and story mode. Finally, the gimbal comes with a side wheel that allows you to control and adjust the focal length and zoom in or out. The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 will be available starting today at the company’s store. online store for €169 / £145 (US$166) and will come to more retailers in the future. It will ship with a magnetic clamp, tripod, power cord, wrist strap, and storage bag.

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