The world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer is going electric. Monday Honda Announced would introduce “10 or more” electric motorcycles by 2025. Most of them won’t be available in North America, and the automaker is poised to focus most of its attention on Asian and European markets. Don’t expect a lot of performance models, either. Honda shared a slide showing the silhouettes of 11 potential electric models, with all but four looking like mopeds.

The good news is that the remaining full-size models are the ones likely to make it to the United States. Honda is developing a new “FUN” platform and plans to introduce three “full-size” EV models in Japan, the US and Europe between 2024 and 2025. It’s also working on a kids’ bike based on the same robust powertrain. . state battery technology to power all the models it plans to introduce before the second half of the decade.


At the same time, the company said it would continue to produce models with internal combustion engines, but pledged to make them more environmentally friendly by introducing more “flex-fuel” motorcycles that can use E20 and E100 ethanol-based fuels. in 2023 and 2025. However, those models will not be available in the US.

Honda plans to make its motorcycle business carbon neutral by 2040 and for electric models to account for around 15 percent of its motorcycle sales by 2030. All of that amounts to an electrification strategy that doesn’t seem particularly urgent but is in line. with other car manufacturers. I like it Ford Y GM.

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