It feels like nine long months after a Naughty Dog remastered package Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Y Uncharted: Lost Legacy , PC gamers will be able to find out . According to a listing on the Epic Games Store Twitter Master Games Deals Wario64, Uncharted Collection: Legacy of Thieves It will arrive in that store on October 19. It appears that Epic released the information ahead of schedule, as currently showing a 404 error. The leak from SteamDB that October 19 was the release date.

Legacy of Thieves Collection It’s supposed to be coming to Steam before the end of the year as well, but it looks like if you pre-order through Epic you’ll get access to a Sully’s Seaplane glider at at no additional cost. Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer skins earlier this year to promote the .

The apparent moment of Legacy of Thieves Collection The PC launch is interesting, as Sony said Spiderman: Miles Morales it is . You’d think they’d try to space things out a bit. In any case, perhaps Sony will soon host a PlayStation showcase that will clear it all up.

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