The Justice Department has asked a US federal judge to participate in the upcoming Epic-Apple matchup, according to court documents seen by . The companies will return to court next month to argue over their 2020 antitrust case.

The Justice Department filed a brief to enter the case earlier this year. The agency said it was concerned Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers had misinterpreted US antitrust law. In 2019, the Justice Department was preparing to launch an investigation into Apple’s business practices. The decision to uphold the company’s victory over Epic could limit the DOJ’s ability to sue it for antitrust violations.

“The United States believes that its participation in oral argument would be helpful to the court, especially in explaining how errors (in antitrust law interpretation) could significantly harm antitrust law enforcement beyond the specific context of this case.” , the Justice Department wrote on Friday. .

The agency has requested 10 minutes of court time. Neither side is against the DOJ’s involvement, though Apple has requested that the DOJ’s argument time count against Epic’s total time allotment or that the court extend the proceedings.

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