Language purists are going to have to get really cool with the internet buzzwords and slang these “damn kids” come up with really fast, because Merriam-Webster has legitimized a lot of the adding them to your dictionary. The addition of “metaverse” is not surprising, as companies like Facebook have recently focused on the virtual environment in meatspace. Yes, “meatspace” is a term now used to describe physical space and environment. “Altcoin” was also added to describe alternatives to established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

People have been saying “laggy” and “pwn” for a long, long time, but now those words have their own pages on the dictionary website. And those who want to tell someone on the Internet that they are “virtue pointing” or “greenwashing” something can now simply link to those terms.

when the game Among us It’s risen in popularity, as has the slang “sus” meaning suspect or suspect, so it’s no mystery why Merriam-Webster has officially recognized it. The word “lewk”, as seen in fashion, is now officially a word as well. We hope no one “shrugs” or “yeets” whatever they’re holding, but “adorable” has also been added to the dictionary. (Yes, “cringe” and “yeet” also have their own dictionary entries.)

The list of new words includes additions that clearly illustrate how these last few years have gone for everyone. “Booster dose,” which became a commonly uttered phrase due to the pandemic, has its own Merriam-Webster page, as do “false positive” and “false negative” lab test results. The words “shrinkflation,” the practice of reducing the quantity or volume of a product while offering it at the same price, and “secondary hustle” are also part of the list and will serve as reminders for years to come about the state of the economy. in 2022.

Merriam-Webster has aware the full list of new words, which also includes some delicious entries like “pumpkin spice” and “birria”, on his website.

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