Moog has brought back its pioneering Model 10 synthesizer for a second time, and you may have a better chance of owning this one. The “compact” modular device has re-entered production and is available worldwide through distributors. It’s also a slight improvement over the limited-run 2019 version, with an updated onboard power supply (friendlier to musicians outside the US), a revised rear panel, and more reliable calibration.

You can expect 11 analog modules and three oscillators from the 900 series. Pricing had not been provided by the company at the time of this writing. We have asked for more details. That said, the 2019 Model 10 started at $9,950. This is for creators who intend to use the synthesizer in their productions and performances.

If nothing else, it’s another opportunity to revisit an important instrument. The original Model 10 arrived in 1971 and was the first relatively compact modular synthesizer; before that, it wasn’t uncommon to see giant modular arrangements that didn’t always fit in studios, let alone. on the stage. Moog’s smaller design made the technology more accessible and influenced the shaping of the early days of electronic music. Wendy Carlos used it to create her historic album bach on (not yet available for streaming, we might add), just like Isao Tomita with The snowflakes are dancing.

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