is gearing up to launch its second set of true wireless earphones and is given a first look at what it has in store. The company began showing off the Ear Stick with images of the cylindrical charging case, which appeared on the runway at London Fashion Week.

Details are still scarce, though the Ear Stick is a “brand new product” with a new button and case. nothing said . Nothing also says that the headphones have a “feather-light” ergonomic design, which is “molded to your ears.” of Nothing’s upcoming headphones which have a similar design to the company’s first attempt, . As for the new charging case, Nothing said it was “inspired by classic cosmetic silhouettes” to build a product that can easily slip into users’ pockets.

The Ear Stick headphones are scheduled to arrive later this year. Given its track record, expect Nothing to provide more information on the product in the coming weeks.

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