gantry 3 It may never happen, but at least we have a new way to experience the original teleportation puzzle shooter. Today, during his GTC keynote address, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced Portal with RTXa mod that adds support for real-time ray tracing and DLSS 3. Judging from the brief trailer, it looks like the Portal we all know and love, except now the lighting around portals is filtered into their surroundings, and almost every surface is delightfully reflective.

Similar to what we saw with MinecraftRTX, of the portal The ray tracing mod adds a tremendous amount of depth to a very familiar game. And thanks to DLSS 3, the latest version of NVIDIA’s super-sampling technology, it also runs smoothly with plenty of RTX bells and whistles turned on. This footage is likely to come from the obscenely powerful RTX 4090, but it will be interesting to see how well Portal with RTX works on older NVIDIA 2000 series cards. Current Portal owners will be able to play the RTX mod in November.


Huang says that the company developed the RTX mod within its Omniverse environment. To take that concept further, NVIDIA is also releasing RTX Remix, an app that will let you capture existing game scenes and modify their objects and environments with high-resolution textures and realistic lighting. The company’s artificial intelligence tools can automatically give materials “physically accurate” properties, a ceiling in Morrowind, for example, becomes reflective after going through RTX Remix. You will be able to export remixed scenes as mods and other players will be able to play them through the RTX renderer.

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