What was he trying to do? Grand Theft Auto VI the leak appears to be real. Rockstar Games has confirmed the authenticity of the leak in a tweet, noting that a hacker stole sensitive data including “early development footage” of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title. The firm did not foresee any long-term damage to the development or live services such as gta onlinebut was “extremely disappointed” that details of the future game were being shared in this way,

Rockstar promised another update “soon,” and that creation of GTA V would continue “as planned”. The producer of the game did not share more. Nevertheless, windows center grades parent company Take Two has asked original leak host GTAForums to extract content, which reportedly includes thug 2 plans and may include code for various GTA titles. The hacker’s original Telegram channel has disappeared.

The leak is unprecedented and includes 90 videos from a very early version of GTA V. The clips appear to validate rumors from July that hinted at a return to Vice City (aka Miami), as well as a Bonnie and Clyde-As a couple of male and female leads. There also seem to be a host of functional updates ranging from improved animations to a steal system.

the GTA V The material may not cause much damage, as the finished product is likely to be much more polished. However, there is concern that any code for gta online could make it easier for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities and otherwise mess up the game for other players.

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