Snapchat’s video chat and messaging features first came to browsers in July, but only in select markets and for Snapchat+ subscribers. Now, Snapchat for Web is finally available to all users of the messaging app around the world. It might be the best option for users who have a lot of typing and messaging to do, as they’ll see a bigger screen and have access to a real keyboard.

The web interface is pretty basic, but you can also use it to send photos and make audio and video calls. A company spokesperson previously told us that video calling has become more popular with its users recently. Giving users access to the feature on the web could lead to longer video calls. The spokesperson also told us that Snap could bring more of its core features to the web interface if there’s enough demand for them.

Additionally, Snap has released lock screen widgets for the iPhone now that iOS 16 is out. The widgets allow users to create shortcuts for the conversations they want, perhaps for people they talk to often, so they can start chats from your screen with a single touch.

Speaking of shortcuts, the Snapchat app will feature new shortcuts at the top of your chat page. They will make it easy for users to access unread Snaps, friends’ chats, and replies to stories. They will also show reminders of birthdays or conversations that users have not yet responded to. Finally, Snap has introduced Question Stickers that users can post to their stories and Snaps. The company said that these features will be rolling out to users soon if they haven’t already.

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