Shift Up is long hyped eve project is finally about to be released. The Korean developer has Announced that the action RPG will arrive in 2023 as star blade. It will be a PS5 exclusive on consoles. Consequently, the studio used Sony’s State of Play event to share a trailer outlining the game’s apocalyptic premise.

You play Eve, a warrior who returns to a shattered Earth to rebuild the last city (Xion) and protect it against the “NA:tives”. Naturally, there will be some intrigue between the humans along with the usual battles against hideous-looking creatures. The mechanics of action RPGs will be familiar to you, but could be intriguing if you like to hone your game. You’ll need “precise timing” with combos, defensive maneuvers, and abilities to be successful against regular enemies, while boss fights will demand a more “strategic” approach.

eve project has generated a growing buzz since the first trailer appeared in 2019, largely due to its eye-catching visuals. Whether or not the finish star blade Living up to those expectations is another story. This is Shift Up’s first console game, not to mention their first AAA release. While the company has been successful with mobile technology child of destinyYou will need to demonstrate that your experience translates well to other platforms.

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