Apple is launching no fewer than three new smartwatches, and we’re already a week into two of them. While we’re still waiting to put the more expensive Watch Ultra to the test, the $399 Watch Series 8 is now Apple’s best wearable. Glitch detection and a new skin temperature sensor for ovulation tracking are the key updates. But dollar for dollar, the new $250 Watch SE looks like a steal. The main features you might miss out on if you get an SE instead of a Series 8 are the always-on display (AOD), ECG reader, blood oxygen app, and new skin temperature sensor.


If aesthetics are a priority, you might also find the SE’s thicker borders a little off-putting, but it does have a larger screen than the last SE model. Both models are already available.

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Now use ‘proof of stake’ to approve new transactions.

Ethereum tokens will no longer be minted by “proof of work” that uses powerful computers to solve cryptographic tasks. Instead, a new “proof of stake” method requires users, called validators, to stake tokens for a chance to approve transactions and earn a small reward. Before now, mining Ethereum (and most cryptocurrencies) required large amounts of energy and made Ethereum difficult to scale and expensive for small transactions.

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The new tricks offer improved noise cancellation and other updates.

While I’m waiting for the updated AirPods Pro, there might be another option: Bose has vastly improved the amount of sound you can cancel on the QuietComfort Earbuds II, removing more everyday noise, including voices. According to Engadget’s Billy Steele, the sound quality has also improved markedly, and the smaller buttons offer a more comfortable fit (and less awkward look). However, at $299, they are still quite expensive.

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Ridley Scott will serve as executive producer.



The Blade Runner sequel series that has been widely joked about is real. Variety confirms that Amazon has ordered the production of a blade runner 2099 to show for Prime Video, with the original film’s director Ridley Scott serving as executive producer. The project could be another ambitious sideshow for Amazon. The first season of The The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power It reportedly cost $465 million to make, but set a Prime ratings record upon its debut.

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Oh no, not my Zoom video conferences…

Zoom is recovering from a major outage that prevented users from starting or joining meetings on Thursday morning. The company did not yet have an explanation for the problem, but said it had “identified” the cause and will continue to investigate the fault. However, Zoom managed to fix the problem before 12 pm ET.

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‘Warzone’ will be released on mobile devices in 2023.

Call of Duty is doubling down on portable gaming with mobile war zonea Battle Royale game coming to smartphones in 2023. The game will support shared Battle Pass, social features, and cross-progression with modern warfare ii Y warzone 2.0, both are due out in late 2022. While the game is free to play, expect microtransactions. In-game purchases were part of call of duty: mobile since its debut in 2019. The studio reportedly made more than $1.5 billion worth of Android and iOS players in less than three years.

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