Back in August Term reported that Vince Gilligan was launching his next series after Better call Saul to about eight or nine networks and platforms. Now, the next show has found a home: will stream on Apple TV+, which has already put in order for two seasons. The project still untitled star Rhea Seehornwho also played Saul Goodman’s wife, Kim Wexler, on the breaking bad prequel “After fifteen years, I thought it was time to take a break from writing antiheroes…and who’s more heroic than the brilliant Rhea Seehorn?” Gilligan said in a statement.

While official details about the upcoming show have yet to be released, previous reports said it has nothing to do with the show. breaking bad universe. Term described it as something more like the twilight zone in that it will settle in our world but bend reality as we know it. Gilligan will be heavily involved in creating the show as showrunner and executive producer. And although the series may not be connected to breaking bad and its prequel, will remain part of Gilligan’s overall deal with Sony Pictures Television.

In his statement, Gilligan noted that the upcoming project will reunite him with Zack Van Amburg, Jamie Erlicht, and Chris Parnell. All three used to be co-presidents of Sony TV who left the company to work at Apple. The tech giant hired Van Amburg and Erlicht in 2017 to further its television ambitions by making them the leaders of its video programming division. They are “the first two people to say yes to breaking bad all those years,” Gilligan said. However, it’s still very early days for his next project, so he may have to wait a while for a broadcast date.

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