Almost exactly eight years after first coming to PC, The Sims 4 it is free to play. the publisher EA will not charge you anything to download the base game on Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. If you have already paid for the original release or decide to buy it before October 17, the company will give you the upcoming Desert Luxe Kit. The DLC comes with a handful of southwestern desert-themed furniture.

Please note that EA has released 12 expansions for The Sims 4and if you decide to play for free, you’ll miss out on many of the features that make the game feel so compelling in 2022. For example, without the Cats and dogs DLC installed, your sims cannot have a feline or canine companion.

As for what today’s news means for the future of the game, EA says developer Maxis is “more dedicated than ever to developing new and meaningful experiences for players, and will continue to develop and release packs, kits, and Sims delivery express.” for the foreseeable future.” On that note, the two will host a Y livestream on October 18 to share what’s next for the franchise.

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