twitter has started Spaces tab. Starting today, on iOS you can view the new interface element through the subscription’s Early Access Labs feature. The tab brings together live and recorded shows, and even offers a selection of popular podcasts that you can listen to directly through the app.

Evidence that Twitter was working to add podcasts came to light in March when developer Jane Manchun Wong opened the tab in Twitter’s code. , the company began testing the interface tweak with a small group of English-speaking users on Android and iOS. In its current iteration, the tab features separate categories for current and upcoming Spaces and a Stations section that groups podcasts and Spaces under similar themes.

If the interface Twitter has gone with doesn’t seem ideal for finding a specific podcast or episode, it’s by design. The tab will not replace dedicated apps like Pocket Casts. However, it can help you discover something new to listen to, and if you check a slot or two in the process, then the tab has done its job.

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