Uber and Lyft say riders and drivers in New York are no longer required to wear masks. “With updated New York City transit mask guidance, masks are now optional on Lyft rides,” a Lyft spokesperson told Engadget. “We are in the process of updating the app to reflect this.” Uber informed users of the policy change via email.

The move follows Gov. Kathy Hochul’s decision to lift a mask mandate for public transportation on Wednesday. The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission also announced that face coverings are no longer required on the vehicles it oversees, though they still strongly recommend wearing masks. face coverings are It is no longer required neither in the subway.

After a federal judge struck down a nationwide mask mandate for public transportation in April, both Uber and Lyft dropped their mask requirements in the US. However, passengers and drivers still needed to wear masks. in some areas, including New York, depending on local regulations. (Engadget also asked Lyft about its mask policy in New York.)

The number of COVID-19 cases has been falling in New York since a sixth wave hit the city in July. The New York Times notes Although he removed the mask mandate, Hochul encouraged state residents to receive a booster shot targeting the Omicron variant. The Food and Drug Administration authorized the Omicron inoculations last month.

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