We have waited a long time for this one. The Volkswagen ID.Buzz was introduced in 2017. Now it’s here and ready to drive. Except it’s not exactly “here”. It’s launching in Europe this year and coming to the US in 2023. That means that while we did get a chance to drive the long-awaited electric vehicle, it was the European model rather than the longer pickup truck that made its way to the US. USA

Still, as far as trendy vehicles go, the ID.Buzz is right up there with the Ford Bronco for people looking for an electric alternative to the automotive nostalgia trend. During our trip we found the ID.Buzz to be as advertised and a proper van that runs on electricity and a desire to recapture the past. Just don’t ask about the actual price, range, or duration of the upcoming US version. Watch the video above for the full story.

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