Volvo’s EV range to date has been limited to smaller vehicles like the C40 Recharge, but is now ready to tackle the high-end. The company have Announced which will reveal the EX90 “flagship” electric SUV on November 9. While the brand isn’t surprisingly shy about details, it claims the new model will offer the best standard safety features of any Volvo to date.

The trick is an improved “understanding” of both the driver and the environment. The EX90 will reportedly pack a state-of-the-art sensor array including cameras, radar, and LiDAR on the outside. In the cabin, more cameras and capacitive sensors on the steering wheel will detect inattention and gradually take more drastic measures to protect you, including stopping the car on the side of the road and asking for help.

Some of these security concepts are not new. Systems like GM’s Super Cruise check to make sure his eyes are on the road, while Tesla cars will disengage autopilot and coast to a stop if he doesn’t put his hands on the wheel. However, Volvo clearly hopes to offer the best protections of the bunch, and LiDAR could provide an edge over rivals like Tesla (which doesn’t use LiDAR) and Lucid (still a relatively small brand).

It’s safe to say that the EX90 will represent a game changer. Rather than compete with the Tesla Model Y and other “entry” luxury SUVs or crossovers, Volvo is more likely to aim squarely for the higher end. This vehicle could serve as a halo product that draws EV buyers to the brand, even if they ultimately buy something more affordable.

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