When Walmart launched its virtual fitting room in March, it offered you 50 models with various body types and heights to choose from. It was up to you to find the model you most resemble, so you can see how a garment would fit you. Now the retailer is enhancing the experience by letting you try on clothes virtually. in your own photos.

In the company’s announcement, Executive Vice President of Apparel and Private Label Denise Incandela said its virtual fitting room can show how clothes fit in a realistic way. It’s not just overlaying images on your photos – when you choose an item that fits, you’ll see the parts where the shadows would fall and you’ll see how the fabric would fall on your body. Theoretically, that means that different sizes of the same item would look different in your photo just as they would fall differently on your body if you were trying them on in real life. This is possible thanks to the use of algorithms and machine learning models originally used to develop accurate topographic images.

The new virtual try-on experience is available for 270,000 items across all brands on Walmart’s website, including Levi’s and Hanes, and will continue to grow. However, you can’t use previous photos with the feature: the first time you choose “yourself” as a model when you tap the “Try It” button, you’ll be prompted to take a photo of yourself wearing something form-fitting and to enter your height. .

The enhanced experience is now available on the Walmart iOS app, and iOS users will be able to use the photos they take on mobile when they launch the desktop or web experience “coming soon.” The feature will also roll out to Android users in the coming weeks.

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