bayonet 3 it’s set to be a slick, neon-splattered action title, and Nintendo has the gameplay trailer to prove it. Today the studio dropped nearly eight minutes of bayonet 3 game footage in Youtubeshowing off Witch Time, Demon Masquerade, and Bayonetta’s summoning abilities, and how other characters will play.

The game pits Bayonetta and her minions, a witch-in-training named Viola, the Umbra witch Jeanne, and a journalist named Luka, against a man-made army of bioweapons called Homonculi. Each character brings his own style to the fight; Viola, for example, can summon a giant, maniacal Cheshire cat to help her take down huge monsters.

The Demon Masquerade feature allows Bayonetta to channel the abilities of various animals, including a moth, spider, and scorpion. There’s also a new accessory called the Immortal Marionette that adds a one-button input mechanic for combos and defense moves at any difficulty level in the game.

bayonet 3 is scheduled to arrive on Switch on October 28.

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