will host the second installment of its news. The broadcast will feature news, trailers and clips from more than 120 shows, movies, specials, documentaries and. You’ll be able to watch the event, which begins at 1 pm ET, below. Netflix will also stream the event on its , Y channels, as well as their YouTube channels around the world.

Among many, many other projects, Tudum will present an update on details about the prequel series an appearance of the to emit and a blooper reel. In addition, Tudum will include news on The crown, new season trailers external banks Y Manifesta first look at the Jennifer Lopez movie Mother and an exclusive clip of Rian Johnson , glass onion. There will also be a look at the Netflix version of – the company .

This could be a major event for Netflix, which has had quite a rough year. Its number of subscribers fell for the first time: it lost in the first six months of 2022. Netflix has been in several territories in recent months and is on its way. To both keep current subscribers and attract newcomers, Netflix has to get people excited about what it has to offer. Events like Tudum can help with that.

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