The Windows 11 2022 Update releases today, and while it’s a mostly behind-the-scenes update for most PCs, gamers have a few new features to look forward to. First, Microsoft is adding support for Auto HDR, VRR (variable refresh rates), and better latency for windowed games. Previously, those were just features you could use in full screen mode. The change should be a boon to streamers and anyone who wants to multitask while cleaning their infinity halo diaries


And speaking of HDR, now you can tweak your monitor settings more easily with an improved HDR calibration tool. Auto HDR is also heading to more titles, which should be great news if you (literally) want to see older games in a new light. Less significantly, the Xbox Game Bar is being transformed into a new Windows Controller Bar, which will display the games and launchers you’ve recently played. You can access that by pressing the Xbox button on an Xbox controller (or third-party equivalent).

While none of these are groundbreaking changes, they are all aimed at making Windows 11 a better environment for PC gamers. (Hopefully we’ll eventually get a more flexible way to install games from the Microsoft Store.)

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