Chinese electric vehicle maker XPeng is no stranger to boundary-pushing automotive technology. In 2020, it introduced the P7 sedan, which featured 200 more miles of EV range than the Tesla Model 3. Today, it targets charging speed with his G9 SUV. The new flagship model can charge up to 480 kW, allowing it to go from 10 percent to 80 percent charge in 15 minutes (or 124 miles in 5 minutes). In the US, we’re limited to 350kW fast chargers at best (and even then, you’ll need a fairly new or premium EV to support that speed).

Of course, to see that fast charging speed, you’ll need to use one of the company’s chargers in China. However, XPeng plans to bring the G9 to European markets, so perhaps 480kW chargers will follow.

Beyond its charging tech, the G9 also seems to have just about everything you’d want in a premium midsize electric SUV. Its leather-trimmed design and interior evoke luxury car brands, while its twin-motor 4WD models can reach up to a whopping 551 hp. Powered by two NVIDIA Orin chips, the G9 also offers advanced driver assistance with 31 sensors and dual LiDAR sensors, as well as automatic driving and parking assistance.

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