In a surprising turn of events, Sega has released spin-offs of the Yakuza series. Judgment Y lost trial on Steam. The former first came to PlayStation 4 before making its way to current-gen consoles and Stadia. Judgment casts players as Takayuki Yagami, a private detective investigating a serial murder case in a fictional part of Tokyo modeled after the city’s famous Kabukicho district. The sequel to the 2021 game, lost trialtakes place three years later and has a darker tone and new gameplay elements.

The likelihood of the Judgment franchise ever coming to PC seemed bleak before this week. According to a report published last year by the (), it was unlikely that the series would continue due to a dispute between Sega and the talent agency that represented Takuya Kimura, the actor who lent his image and voice to its protagonist. Kimura’s agency was reportedly against a PC release, fearing it would hurt his business model. At one point, the two sides were so far apart that it seemed unlikely Sega would make another Judgment game.

But that was before and now you can buy Y on Steam, either separately or as part of a that includes the sequel’s Kaito Files expansion.

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