We have already written about the convenience of Yale smart locks. But now, after five years on the market, Yale is updating its flagship product with an all-new design, a wider range of connectivity options, and even more styles to fit your home.

Priced between $160 and $260, the new Assure Lock 2 will be available in four main variations: two touchscreen models (with and without a key cylinder) and two keypad models (one keyed and one keyless). . By default, all models include Bluetooth connectivity, although you can also upgrade to a version with integrated WiFi. But perhaps most importantly, since users will be able to purchase and install add-on modules that enable additional wireless connectivity, it’s easy to upgrade your lock after purchase. Additionally, Yale says the Assure Lock 2 will be one of the first Matter-enabled smart locks on the market when it releases its Matter add-on module shortly after the Matter specification officially goes live later this fall.


Along with a wide range of connectivity options, Yale also says WiFi models will no longer require the use of a dedicated Connect Bridge, which should help speed up installation. And as for the lock itself, the company claims the Assure Lock 2 is 30 percent smaller than its predecessor while still being compatible with most standard door sizes used in the US. .and Canada. Meanwhile, to ensure the lock best matches their door, customers will be able to choose from three different finishes, including Black Suede, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel. And as before, on models without a physical key cylinder, if your lock loses power, you can still unlock the door by touching a 9-volt battery to contacts at the bottom of the device’s casing.

Once installed (which Yale says can be done using just a standard screwdriver), users can enable a host of security features ranging from voice controls (via Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri), authentication of two factors and even the ability to open the door. by using biometric verification on your phone. Other standard features include automatic locking and unlocking, virtual keys/entry codes for shared access, and more.

So while we haven’t had a chance to test the Assure Lock 2 just yet, it really does look like Yale has covered all the bases with its new flagship smart lock. The Assure Lock 2 is available today starting at $160 for the Bluetooth/Apple HomeKit keyless model, with WiFi models starting at $240. Sometime later this year, there will also be a version that supports Z-Wave ready to go. use starting at $190, with add-on modules (including the upcoming Matter plugin) slated to cost $80 each.

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